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You Have the Ability Too!

I'll be the first person to tell you the following: I'm nothing special.

I don't think I'm smarter, grittier, faster, wiser, cuter, or _________ (fill in the blank) than anyone else.

But—I'm really good at HABITS.

I make habits of actions that are valuable long term. So, yes, even things I don't want to do.

  • I get out of bed when I don't want to.
  • I plan runs I don't want to take.
  • I show up to work on days when I don't feel like it.
  • I chose to be consistent in my parenting, even when the pushback is hard.
  • I talk to God and read my Bible even when I'm not feeling warm fuzzies.

Why? Because HABITS keep me anchored, even in heartbreaking seasons. I might cry (and sometimes complain) my way through them, but they provide long-term health for my spirit, mind, and body.

And guess what? There's no difference between you and me.

You have the ability to build life-giving habits too.

My question is whether you'll choose to start a habit today.

If you are looking for more habit...

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Are You Burned Out From Religion?

In a sea of man-made religions, ideologies, and cults, what’s the difference between the Christian faith and theirs?


It’s knowing Jesus Christ and being fully known by Him. You don’t have to earn, strive, or perform rituals to gain acceptance. All you have to do is believe.

Believe that God’s Son, Jesus, descended to earth to live, die, and rise again so we could have a relationship, and be fully known by our Heavenly Father.

It’s so simple, yet we complicate and muddle things that we end up feeling far from God.

Mo Isom (episode #198) found herself wrestling with Scriptures, fighting discouragement, and disqualification, which led her to feel far from the God she loved and longed to serve. But in her deepest valley, she encountered God’s great design of intimacy like she had never had before, transforming her spiritual and physical life.

It was those closest to her, a community willing to hold her accountable, which didn’t shy...

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God Cares About Justice

author book friendship podcast May 17, 2021

In June of 2020, Tina Webb and her son, Christopher were bombarded by text messages and phone calls from their friends, inquiring about how they were feeling given the current events in our nation.

Their response could not be reduced to 280 characters or a single post on Instagram, it takes time and conversation to explore how Christians can respond to an issue deeper than a few hate crimes. 

Tina and Christopher determined their perspective would be best suited in book format, so you and I could read, learn, pray, and digest how the power of the cross should inform the pursuit of justice. 

I feel ill-equipped, or if I’m honest, nervous to speak openly on racism and social injustice. Cancel culture, the color of my skin, and my own desire for justice in my story cannot be ignored as I determine what to say or even share to a group outside my inner circles. But, I do know I need to learn and to seek to understand, and I don’t want it to be from a soundbite, or...

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Can Your Broken Story be Made Whole?

Imagine you just walked into your favorite bookstore.

You’re on the hunt for the perfect book to cozy up with for a few luxurious hours of free time this afternoon. Dreamy, right?

Now, in a slightly altered version of your fave bookstore, all the books have the same cover design.

The only differences are the words on the cover.

The promises they offer inside their pages.

The solutions they hold the key to.

The synopsis of the stories they tell.

Based on that, what do you choose?

The one that validates your story. The pages that allow your experience, perspective, and pain to be seen. The book you read and whisper, “Me too.”

The one that gives you a vision for your broken story to be made whole.

But first, you need someone to hear your hurt before you can heal your hurt.

This is what Tina and I are super passionate about- creating safe places where women like you can process your experience, your story, so you can unpack what prevents you from moving forward in the...

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When You’ve Got Nothing Left to Give

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you might be dreaming of breakfast in bed, an empty kitchen sink neatly folded laundry, or maybe a quiet house all to yourself. However, you would prefer your best day to play out, if you are a mom of kids of any age you are due for a little R&R and TLC. But, if your mom-life is anything like mine, Mothers Day is often a far cry from what you need.

In fact, on Mother’s Day, just after my second daughter was born, I was home in bed sick tending to two sick babies, my husband went to church without me, and anything special planned for that day was canceled. It was awful and I was seriously reconsidering this mom gig.

I’m grateful to say I’ve had a few delightful Mother’s Days since then, but mostly it’s been due to healthier expectations and soul care rhythms. I’ve learned to not put all my hopes on one “ideal” day, but rather learn to practice soul-care on a daily basis so I have more to...

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Need a Break? Soul Care NOT Self-Care {Enneagram for Moms Episode #6}

When you have a minute to yourself how do you spend it? 

Do you automatically hit the button on your phone and get lost in the scroll? 

Do you find yourself with your head in the pantry or fridge snacking on a few things hoping they might satisfy or give the boost you are looking for? 

Or do you stay up after the kids and hubby go to bed to get in a couple of hours of the new binge-worthy show? 

If you nodded yes...

Now, I want to know, how do you feel after you give yourself these self-care habits? Do feel you satisfied? Are you refreshed and ready to give to your people? 

I ask because these are the exact things I am prone to do when I feel depleted and empty. My automatic response is to turn to my phone, or food, and get lost in another world. 

And you know what? The social scroll reinforces that these ideas are totally normal and acceptable, it's what my mom friends joke about and it’s the memes that get thousands of likes. 


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The Power of Spoken Word | a conversation with Quina Aragon

During this season of Lent, I wanted to introduce you to a new friend with a beautiful resource for your heart and the whole family to prepare for the celebration of Easter. 

Quina Aragon was born in the Philippines but raised in FL where she became friends with a family who introduced her to Christ. It’s this relationship with her Savior that freed her from the exhausting pursuit of significance- and has been the motivation behind her work as a spoken word artist, children’s author, and poet. She’s also the mama of an adorable five-year-old and she and her husband serve in their local church ministry. 

In this episode, we dive right into a conversation about the Enneagram and her two books Love Made and Love Gave

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Don't Mom Alone {Enneagram for Moms Episode #5}

Do you struggle with low self-esteem? 

Are you burned out- all the time? 

Are your decisions and choices Guilt driven? 

These are all just a few manifestations of what you might do when you think you have to do mom life in your own strength and when you feel like you have to raise yourself. 

Ultimately you feel alone, and the behaviors I listed are things you don’t want to do- but your default behavior is often hindering you from flourishing and thriving in your season of life. 

Here’s the deal. Most likely, these behavior patterns may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility from now on. 

So today, I’m going to show you how to no longer mom alone.

Even if you are in a brand new city, without family, no church, and your husband works overtime. 

I’ll be sharing: 

  • What the orphan spirit looks like.
  • Whose fault it is that you struggle with these mindsets. 
  • And how you can get unstuck.

If you listen to this...

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{Enneagram for Moms Episode #4} Moms Will Save the World

Do you often wonder what you are really good at? 

Have you ever wished you had superpowers, like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or Super Girl? 

What if I said that you do have superpowers. 

For real! 

Okay, so you may not be able to leap from building to building or have a truth-telling lasso, but you do possess a God-given superpower. 

Your superpower might just be collecting dust underneath the layers of stress motherhood has placed on you or even the demands of life that have caused you to forget the superpowers you’ve been equipped with. 

While I may not be Wonder Woman’s mom- the proud Amazon queen Hippolyta, and we can’t spend years training in no man's land,  I thought I would spend just a few minutes reminding you who you were created to be-the unique gifts and strengths you have available for you to use in motherhood. 

So, I've recorded an episode to dedicate to all my wannabe cape-wearing mamas- when you need a...

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{Enneagram for Moms #3} ARE YOU LONELY?

Have you ever felt lonely? 

Are you sometimes surprised by your feelings of loneliness even as you are surrounded by a house full of little people? 

Do you find yourself disconnected or reserved with your kids and spouse because of your feelings of loneliness? 

I know I have and more than once. Because not long ago I had three little babies, in a city where I still felt like a stranger, and I was so dang lonely.

And what was already a lonely road is even more lonely because over the last year, you and I have found ourselves more isolated and more divided than ever. 

So, what is a mama to do? Especially if you face intense physical limitations and ongoing lock downs?

That's why I'm dedicating a whole episode to share a few ideas to help pull you out of that lonely place and empower you to take the next step out of your loneliness.  

Now, ironically, I have more that one close friendship thanks to a Chick-fil-a meet cute, and today I am sharing about one...

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