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The Wholehearted Coaching Collective

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Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed - Ecclesiastes 4:9

Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed a growing need for spiritual direction, self-awareness support, and guidance for healthier relational connections at home and the workplace.


The great news is Enneagram Coaching with a Biblical perspective has been a solution for thousands of individuals across the globe. I’ve been thrilled to create and offer a Wholehearted Coaching approach that supports all three arenas; spiritual, emotional, and relational.


What is the Collective?

The Wholehearted Coaching Collective is a team of Certified Enneagram Coaches who work with individuals, couples, families, work teams, and small groups to encourage, empower, and equip others to create life-giving rhythms for a vibrant relationship with God, their family, and their community.
 "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you."
-Mother Teresa 


Please take time to read through each bio to see which Wholehearted Collective Coach might be the right fit for you in your journey. You will find that several of them are degreed and trained in various areas of study that might suit your current chapter of life perfectly. You can schedule your free discovery call with any coach to learn more before making a long-term coaching commitment. 


I’m so glad you are here, and I’m excited to see what God has in store for your journey to wholehearted living in Christ. 

Meet our Coaches

Deanna Sudom

Enneagram 4


Deanna’s heart is to encourage and enlighten women to walk in the shameless freedom and forgiveness of Christ. She gives spiritual direction through the tools of Christian Life Coaching and the Enneagram. Deanna will guide you into more self-awareness and a knowing of whose you are, creating the space for God to bring transformation and alignment with your purpose. 


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Janay Lanier

Enneagram 7


Janay is a cheerleader for all mothers and their families. Being a mother herself, Janay quickly learned a few things: mothers seem never to have the attention on them(surprise, surprise!), and two, motherhood can be a place of loneliness, isolation, and confusion. Through the self-awareness process, Janay has learned that the best self-care a mother can offer herself is time to sit with a coach that will listen to her, validate her feelings, and help her learn, heal, and grow! She has worked with mothers for over two years in several different scenarios- large group settings, one-on-one sessions, and marriage sessions. Janay takes her passion for the Lord and uses tools such as the enneagram to help guide her clients into freedom and joy.


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Sarah Cronin

Enneagram 2


Sarah’s passion is to come alongside Christian women who long to transform the intellectual, head knowledge of their faith into an experiential, heart encounter with Christ. By combining the enneagram with spiritual formation principles, she will guide you to discover how God has designed you and experience a rejuvenated faith in Christ!


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Amy Wicks

Enneagram 7
Coaching coaches to have a thriving business

Amy Wicks is a faith-based Enneagram Coach, speaker, and writer who lives in Kansas City with her tree-climbing arborist-husband and three vivacious teenagers. She is the voice of the weekly Simply Wholehearted Podcast and is the author of Should Christians Use the Enneagram (2021). She has also co-authored a book study with her dear friend, Sara Hagerty, for the bestseller Unseen; the Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed (Zondervan 2017). Amy loves giving her time to help female entrepreneurs create life rhythms and a business they love with the help of the Enneagram!

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Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? If you ask a coach, the answer is usually the same: Winners who want even more out of life.
Abigail Pickus, 2000