Do you struggle with anxiety, connection, or frustration as a busy, multi-passionate mom?

This Enneagram for Moms Guidebook is here to guide you through the emotional struggles of your personality Type.

Use the mom challenges and reflection questions to overcome your overwhelm and connect with those you love. 



THE Enneagram Guidebook for moms who desire to thrive in their faith, family, and business.

Download this beautiful PDF with detailed content for each Enneagram personality. Gain a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and the small (and doable!) adjustments you can make.

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Crystal with Pursuing Wholeness Coaching

"This is an absolutely amazing resource and I cannot believe Amy gives this away for free! Thank you for sharing, but please, start charging for it!"

You are not alone.

Four powerful words that you, as a mom, need to hear regularly! Listen, as a mom to three teenagers and an active pup; I get the juggle of growing my faith, relationships, AND a thriving business. You and I know we are blessed, but we need a little help and support to do what we love. I created this guidebook for you, the mom, who desires to be intentional with all that God has given. 

Get your copy now!