Are you feeling exhausted, weary and burned out? Join me for a THREE-Day *Live* Coaching Event!

Navigating the overwhelm of motherhood through faith, Enneagram, and simple plans.

Do you struggle with frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt?

You are not alone!

Learn how your personality weaknesses can become strengths and go from surviving to thriving.


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Do you wonder if there is a secret to being the mom your kids need?

Do you worry that you will never change?

Are you wondering if parents are responsible for their child’s personality?

In my mini-workshop you can learn exactly what the Enneagram is, what it is not, and what it can do for you.

In less than 30-minutes, you can learn how understanding the Enneagram can strength your motherhood and help you better understand your kid’s personality!

Use the Enneagram to live your best mom life because you ARE the mom for the job!

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Why the Enneagram?

Because your wholehearted life can’t happen until you understand who you were created to be before the world told you what you should be.

You desire to live wholehearted,
but you DON’T want another checklist to follow.

Wholeheartedness comes when your heart’s desire is satisfied in Christ, not FROM another set of to-do’s.

But first — you need to know the language to articulate how you desire to be seen.

When you understand the message your heart longs to hear you can discover what wholeness looks like for YOUR Enneagram type. When you have a vision of what it would be like to live wholeheartedly, you can craft a simple plan of growth for your best life.

Step 1

Learn more about the Enneagram

What’s the story behind this ancient tool of insight? Get started with the Beginners Guide to the Enneagram to get the big picture of how the Enneagram can inform your journey for a wholehearted life.

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Step 2

Discover Your Dominant Personality Type

If you don’t like the story you are in, you can discover the role you were meant to play. Using the insight of interpersonal communication style and your decision-making strengths, learn how to better engage with others.

Discover Your Enneagram Type Video Guide

Step 3

Explore Your Unique Type

Begin to read the story you were created live. Go beyond the test results and get a clear understanding of your dominant type. Schedule your free 15-minute consult to learn how to maximize your personality.

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Step 4

Become Wholehearted

Choose your story’s ending and celebrate each step of growth. Apply the insight of the Enneagram to real life circumstances for the change you desire. Continue with customized sessions to strengthen relational dynamics by anticipating your needs and learning how to (lovingly) communicate them to those around you.

Wholehearted Coaching

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