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Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m an Enneagram Type Seven.

My journey from a worn-out, frazzled, and struggling mom of three to coaching others to a vibrant, wholehearted life didn’t happen overnight. 

Before I discovered a powerful tool for personal growth, had a deeper understanding of my unique mothering style, or knew what I needed for genuine soul care and work-life balance, I was worn out, weary, and lacked the fulfillment I desired. 

Shame overshadowed my joy.

Overwhelm kept me paralyzed from doing what I wanted most.

Anxiety held me captive from fruitful business practices. 

And I was frustrated by the hustle and white-knuckle advice. 

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Why use the Enneagram?

We are all broken.

We are all blowing it.

It's the brave one who does something about it. 

Wholeheartedness comes when your broken-hearted moments are mended in Christ, not FROM another set of to-dos.

It didn’t take long to discover that Enneagram knowledge, combined with the transformational truth of the Gospel, leads to a deeper understanding of living a wholehearted life in Christ.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I felt that the next right step was to become a certified Enneagram coach. Thanks to Beth McCord (Your Enneagram Coach)! 

I developed the unique Wholehearted Transformation Coaching journey by adding Enneagram Training to years of life coaching and working with coaching clients on Zoom and in my living room.

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How can I help guide you to your next best step?

Step 1

My gift to you! Learn more about the Enneagram

What’s the story behind this ancient tool of insight? Get started with the Beginners Guide to the Enneagram to get the big picture of how the Enneagram can inform your journey for a wholehearted life.

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Step 2

Discover Your Dominant Personality Type

If you don’t like the story you are in, you can discover the role you were meant to play. Using the insight of interpersonal communication style and your decision-making strengths, learn how to better engage with others.

Free Enneagram Type Guide

Step 3

Explore Your Unique Type

Begin to write the story you were created live. Go beyond the test results and get a clear understanding of your dominant type. Your starting point doesn't have to be your stuck point. Schedule your free 15-minute consult to learn how to live out the wholehearted rhythms you desire.

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Step 4

Become a Wholehearted Coach

Choose your story’s next chapter and become a guide by the side for others. Apply the insight of the Enneagram to real-life circumstances to help others experience the change they desire. Continue coaching as an individual and in the Wholehearted Mentorship group. 

Wholehearted Mentorship Coaching
Enneagram Six, Financial Advisor

"I am SO grateful that God led me to meet Amy and get to work with her!!
She is so skilled and gifted by our Father in truly listening, and then counseling with so much insight and the ability to communicate those insights."

Enneagram Three, Mom and Entrepreneur

"I was feeling hollow, ineffective, and like I wasn't doing/being enough. I had no framework for those emotions and thought I was alone in that place. I have never worked with a coach before but found it easier to talk through my past and struggles than I expected. Amy helped me realize the root of those thoughts and pointed me toward living as adopted in Christ!"

Enneagram One, Mom and Doula

"I so enjoyed participating in the Wholehearted Rhythms Community. Amy's insights on how my Enneagram type affects my daily life as a mom has been helpful! I feel like a whole new world has opened to me in regards to how I can interact healthily with my husband and my kids."

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