Hi, I’m Amy and I’m an Enneagram Type Seven.

My journey from a worn-out-frazzled-striving mom of three to coaching others to a vibrant wholehearted life didn’t happen overnight. Before I learned to understand my unique mothering style or what I needed for a healthy soul-care routine and before the successful summers that I actually look forward to with my kids; I wasn’t present for the simple moments and I lacked the deep relationships I wanted in my life.

I let comparison steal my joy.

Overwhelm by the mundane was limiting me from doing what I wanted most.

Anxiety held me captive from fruitful business practices. 

And I was tired of all my friends feeling the same.

What Changed it All

I can remember it like it was yesterday. While running a successful Norwex business from home when I heard an announcement for the first Business Boutique conference. I knew I HAD to go.

I invited every friend I could to travel to Dallas with me. I couldn’t imagine going alone, but none of them could swing the time away.

Then, my mother-in-law came to mind. Not too many years before, she had traveled often to share her intentional parenting resource, the Super Summer Challenge. But life had interrupted her momentum and perhaps this conference would be the inspiration she needed?

I left that jam-packed weekend a changed woman, ready to be a champion and crusader for the Super Summer Challenge.

But, before long I learned my passion for a purposeful life wasn’t limited to the family tradition.  

The Super Summer Challenge Message Was Just the Beginning

I kept hearing from those who thought intentional parenting or a plan like the Super Summer Challenge or wholeheartedness wasn’t for them.

They believed the lie of comparison that only certain people could live that way and have satisfaction as I did.

BUT I knew better. Wholeheartedness does NOT look like one specific person.

A person with an awakened heart, a whole heart, and a mended heart can live as fully as they desire. I knew I wanted to change this truth with others!

Girl Meets Enneagram 

My Enneagram journey began several years ago when I heard my favorite Podcaster (Annie F. Downs) talk about this personality thing that I couldn't figure out exactly how to pronounce. Once I understood it was Ennea-gram and not Annie-a-gram (silly me!), I started my deep dive.

Finally, a personality profile that didn't put me in a box wasn't causing me to feel inadequate and a tool to help me understand why I do what I do!

The Enneagram gave me the language to articulate what it is my heart longs to hear, the need I desire to satisfy. It's not prescriptive, but instead it illuminates how we are uniquely wired by The Creator and gives us the freedom to live in the beauty of our design.

One thing leads to another and before I knew it, I felt that the next right step was to become a certified Enneagram Coach.

It didn’t take long to discover that the insight of the Enneagram, combined with the transformational truth of the Gospel gives a clear and unique path to a wholehearted life.

Your Path to Wholehearted Living.

  • The Enneagram gives the language of what you desire to take those broken-hearted moments and receive healing from a loving Father.

  • Wholehearted living is not just actions. Actions come from the fruit of being WHOLE in Christ.

  • When you live satisfied, you live wholeheartedly.

Now It Looks Like It Is Time for You to  Begin Your Path to Wholeness and to Create Life-giving Rhythms

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All About Me

I love Jesus and believe He is the Prince of Wholeness for everyone.

I’m a California born turn Colorado mountain girl but somehow ended up on a cul-de-sac in the Midwest.

My husband is an Enneagram type 9 and a tree-climbing, chainsaw-swinging arborist. Yes, I know that’s sexy. He’s taken.

ALL three of my teenagers are in the Assertive Stance of Enneagram types. Please say a prayer for us! They LOVE our simply summers and talk about the memories we made or hope to make all year long.

Our local church holds a special place in my heart and we can be found there weekly as well as hosting several small groups ranging from one-on-one spiritual discipleship to financial stewardship.

The podcast is one of my happy places- even when I have a conversation that requires hours of editing. It’s been a privilege and joy to speak with so many stellar folks.

And coaching coaches. It’s one of those things I’ve naturally done most of my life, and now I get to combine it with the Enneagram, spiritual direction, business strategy, and more. I pray I can do it for many years to come.

I also had the honor of teaming up with my dear friend Sara Hagerty to write a study for the bestseller Unseen; the Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed (2017 Zondervan).

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should Christians Use the Enneagram?

Can Christians use the Enneagram? 

Are the origins of the Enneagram based in some Hindu religion or satanic occult? 

Did Oscar Ichazo get the Enneagram through automatic writing? 

Is it a new age practice? 

What is the Enneagram? 

If you’ve ever googled any of these questions You may have gotten some horrifying results!

You will probably find many articles saying Christians should NOT use the Enneagram. I’ve read them and I’d like to think the best of those people because- their fear of the Enneagram might be rooted in a heartfelt desire to not stray from the teachings of Jesus. 

Christians should be concerned and skeptical of anything taught from a source that is in direct contradiction of scripture. 

Is it time to drop the Enneagram and run? 

Read the book, Should Christians Use the Enneagram? What it is, what it's not, and what it can do for you on Amazon!

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Now, if you are ready to determine your dominant Type, take my unique Enneagram Quiz (for free!) to get detailed insight into the Typing process and receive free follow-up resources. 

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Why the Enneagram Over Myers Briggs or DISC?

 The biggest difference the Enneagram Typology offers over any other personality profile is the Enneagram identifies motivations. Instead of a system that tells you what you do, which often varies per circumstance, you can identify why you do what you do!

A really fun resource I like to recommend ties in the Meyers Briggs system to the Enneagram. It’s a fun and entertaining read with good information! The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People by Elizabeth Wagele and Renee Baron.  

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Are There Any Case Studies On Someone Who Altered a Behavior Successfully After Identifying Their Type?

I love this question! In short, yes. 

Your starting point doesn't have to be your stuck point. 

If you want to hear more from one of my clients, check out this episode here.

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What Are the Possible Benefits of Knowing Your Type?

The benefits are limitless! 

You begin to understand your triggers, how you make decisions, your communication style, the meditation practices that will serve you best, and so much more!

Once you become aware of your weaknesses, you can actively pursue healing through Jesus Christ, which leads to behavior modification and enables you to walk in your strengths. 

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