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Three Ways to Begin with the Enneagram

The Enneagram Guidebook for Moms

This Enneagram for Moms Guidebook is here to guide through the emotional struggles of your personality Type.

Use the mom challenges and reflection questions to overcome your overwhelm and connect with those you love.

Download this beautiful book for each personality. 


The Enneagram Quiz

By taking this quiz today, you'll get key details on the Enneagram. This is the only Typology system that will help you understand conflict resolution and decision making style. It's the first of its kind that gives you the full Enneagram picture while discovering your true motivations... so no matter what level of Enneagram expertise you have, you can figure out your Enneagram Type. 


The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit Exhibit hall

No matter where you are on your Enneagram journey, the annual summit exhibit hall has resources just for you! Explore Enneagram books, games, and candles as you continue your exploration of the Enneagram Typology! 

$10-$30 USD

The Enneagram Candles Shop

A Soy-Based, Wood-Wick Candle for Every Enneagram!

Bonus Workshops & Events

Dive Deeper

Wholehearted Rhythms Coaching

Let's make Wholehearted Rhythms that help you sync your Personality, Passions, and Relationships to your chapter in life together!
  • Identify and get free from anxiety, frustration, and the overwhelm which hinders your relationships
  • Explore your Enneagram Type (wings, sub-types, tri-types, and core motivations)
  • Embrace your abilities and calling.
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and tendencies
  • Strengthen your relationship with family and friends.
  • Experience transformation and freedom in work, life, and play
  • And so much more!

This program is all about helping women like you thrive in their faith, family, fun, and finances. Together we will identify your emotional triggers, communication style struggles, and gaps in your soul care rhythm so you can walk in freedom.

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