Are you worried about juggling work, fun, and quality time with your family this summer?

Say goodbye to overwhelm 
Say hello to a
Wholehearted Summer!

It's never too late to be intentional with your time. 

Let's plan a summer so you and your kids will thrive!

Amy, help me plan my summer!

It's time to delete the dreaded words "I'm bored!" from your kids' vocabulary this summer. 


You can say goodbye to lackluster summers devoid of special memories and unfulfilled plans. Say hello to a summer brimming with excitement, connection, and purpose.

Welcome to a world after the Wholehearted Summer Workshop—a transformative experience that will revolutionize how you approach the upcoming season.

  • Have more harmony 
  • Create purpose 
  • Experience precious moments

Join hundreds of other moms who have successfully crafted a personalized Wholehearted Summer Plan that perfectly aligns with their family's schedule, priorities, and interests.

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Introducing Your Wholehearted Summer Toolkit

This is your passport to a summer like no other—a season bursting with joy, growth, and cherished family memories.

The Toolkit includes:


  • Summer Workshop: Watch the fun-filled 2-hour Live Workshop replay where I guide other moms like you, step by step, to create the best plan for your summer. Get ready to craft a summer rhythm that provides productivity and ease. Access to customizable templates is included! (Value: $147)  


  • Bonus #1 ChatGPT Training Session: Discover the secrets to becoming a super fun mom and even streamline your meal planning with the power of ChatGPT!  Unlock the full potential of this AI assistant and make this summer one for the books! 


  • Bonus #2 Enneagram and Parenting Workshop: Gain deep insights into your own personality type and that of your children, discovering the strengths, motivations, and communication styles unique to each Enneagram type. (Replay Value: $47)


  • Bonus #3 Full Wholehearted Summer Workshop: Dive into the treasure trove of our full video guide that you can watch instantly! Hundreds of other moms have found success with this step-by-step, 60-minute training. You'll have a wealth of encouragement at your fingertips to enhance your summer adventures. Customizable and fun templates are included! (Value: $147)
I need this now!

Step 1:

Master Your Time and Own Your Wholehearted Summer!

Are you tired of feeling controlled by the calendar? It's time to take charge and design a summer that truly works for you and your family. Say goodbye to the days of being dictated by obligations and hello to a schedule that brings joy, balance, and excitement!

Step 2:

Ignite the Fun, Growth, and Motivation with Your Very Own Challenge and Reward System!

Picture this: Your family united in a shared mission, each member excited to embark on a personal development and exploration journey. By designing a custom challenge and reward system, you'll unleash a wave of motivation and inspiration to propel your kids to work on the skills they need to thrive and succeed during the summer months.

Step 3:

Craft a Super Summer Plan, Your Kids Will Absolutely Adore!

Imagine the excitement and anticipation in your kids' eyes as you unveil a summer plan designed specifically for them. With my Wholehearted Summer Style options and customizable templates, you'll bring your vision to life and create a roadmap for an extraordinary summer experience.

What is the idea behind a Wholehearted Summer?

Amy Wicks first tried this Wholehearted Summer Rhythm thirteen years ago. It was then she fell in love with the concept and experienced a great result with her girls at ages 2 and 3. Each year she has tried different planning and preparation methods to make it as simple and fun as possible. Some techniques have worked well, and she's loved sharing them with all her friends and family. She knew it was great to share her mother-in-law's book and the idea of a Super Summer Challenge, but even better was to find a way thousands could experience her help planning a Wholehearted Summer.

When Amy heard the idea of offering an online workshop, she knew this was how she could help families like yours.

Amy Wicks and Linda Wicks have combined over 40 years of experience, plus proof from hundreds of other moms that this will help you and your kids to thrive! Amy has compiled all the helpful tips, tricks, and tools to create your Wholehearted Summer Rhythm.

Help me!

This is your year!

It's your year to create lasting, lifelong memories and habits with your kids. I've made the planning process painless and doable after teaching hundreds of moms like you to plan their own Super Summer Challenge.

You'll have so much support and variety to help you form the limitless options which work best for you.

I'm so grateful for how the SSC tradition has made my life easier; plus, I treasure all the moments I've enjoyed with my kids.

I can't wait to hear about all of yours! Join me for this LIVE workshop on June 3rd from 10 AM-noon CST, and we will plan yours together!

XO, Amy Wicks

Founder of Simply Wholehearted

This is for me!

What do other moms have to say about their wholehearted summer?

"I'm so glad I learned about the super summer challenge. It makes the summer days off of school much more interesting for me and my kids. They have things to work on and challenge them, and I get to see them try. Also, I don't feel pressure to find things to keep them busy, I can just direct them to the chart on the wall if they tell me they're bored."

- Noelle W.- Enneagram Nine mom of three in Columbia, MO

"Super Summer Challenge has become a tradition that helps me set aside time to think about each child and what challenges I can use to help them grow physically, mentally, or spiritually. I love it when they are scattered about the house or outdoors enthusiastically working on some aspect of their challenge. It is especially heart warming for me when they are working together to earn points."

-Jessica , Enneagram Six Kansas City, MO

"We are two weeks into our Super Summer Challenge and I am astounded at how different our days have looked. My kids are eager to earn points and I am happily watching as they establish new habits, pursue new ways of serving around our home and flex their creative muscles when it comes to their playtime. The Simply Summer course gave me the tools I needed to develop a plan."

-EJ Capps, mom of four Kansas City, MO

Help me plan a summer my kids AND I will love!

Enjoy summers again with a customized Wholehearted Summer Rhythm!

Are you ready to unlock a summer of extraordinary growth, boundless fun, and priceless family moments? Introducing the Super Summer Challenge—an exhilarating adventure designed to give you the summer rhythm you desire and propel your kids to new heights!

As your children experience the Super Summer Challenge, prepare for a world of incredible benefits:

  • Your kids develop and hone their existing skills or try new things. Every milestone they reach will be noted, fostering a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-confidence, and fueling their desire for continued growth.
  • Empower your children with the invaluable traits of motivation and self-discipline. Through the Super Summer Challenge, they'll learn the power of setting goals, staying focused, and persevering—essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the summer months.
  • The Super Summer Challenge encourages your kids to look beyond themselves and embrace acts of kindness and service. Witness the joy on their faces as they discover the profound impact they can make in the lives of others, cultivating a sense of empathy, compassion, and gratitude.
  • Experience a shift in sibling unity as your children collaborate, support, and celebrate each other's successes. The Super Summer Challenge provides an opportunity for shared adventures, fostering bonds that will endure long after the summer sun sets.
  • By participating in the Super Summer Challenge, your kids will establish invaluable lifelong habits that will shape their character and pave the way for a successful future. From time management to goal setting, from creativity to perseverance, these habits will become their guiding compass throughout life's journey.

The Super Summer Challenge is more than just a chart of activities and goals—it's a transformative experience that brings your family closer, ignites passions, and fuels personal growth. And the best part? Creating your customized challenge takes just a few hours, offering three months of unforgettable fun, learning, and boundless possibilities!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on an extraordinary summer adventure that will leave a lasting imprint on your family's story. Join us in the Wholehearted Summer Tool Kit event and unlock the secrets to crafting a Super Summer Challenge that will unleash your children's potential and create treasured memories.

Give me this kind of summer for my kids!
Need help quickly?
Download the Enneagram Guidebook for Moms and get a free
Wholehearted Summer Template!
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