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The daily conversations were repetitive, my mom friends wanted the same outcomes in life as I did.

  • Rich connection with their kids and to pass on their spiritual heritage.

  • A simplified rhythm they could carry out in any season.

  • Treasured family experiences and sibling unity.

  • The confidence their kids would grow into successful adults.

The concepts of intentional parenting are varied, so how could we each feel empowered to live this out in our unique way?

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When I Discovered the Enneagram, I Knew This Was the Answer

Suddenly, I had language for why we do what we do. I could articulate what motivates each of us -as well as, the fears and hang-ups which hold us back from wholehearted motherhood.

The Enneagram isn’t merely for funny memes; it’s an individual path to wholeness in Christ, an uncomplicated process, and I’d love for you to join thousands of others to quick start your Enneagram journey.

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