Let's make Wholehearted Rhythms that help you sync your faith, career dreams, and relationships to your chapter in life together!

It is time to create your personalized, sustainable rhythm from a unique blend of spiritual direction, Enneagram teaching, and business coaching with Amy Wicks, founder of Simply Wholehearted.

Amy, Save Me A Spot!




Let's make Wholehearted Rhythms that help you sync your Personality, Passions, and Relationships to your chapter in life together!

It is time to create your personalized, sustainable rhythm from a unique blend of spiritual direction, Enneagram teaching, and business life coaching with Amy Wicks, founder of Simply Wholehearted.

Amy, Save Me A Spot!

Are you tired of the anxious thoughts and feelings of self-doubt that sabotage your business and relational success?

I have been there! I know what it's like to deal with the shame, indecision, and frustration that get in the way of your efforts to grow your business and deepen your relationships. Deep down, you need to try something new, and it is my honor to guide you along the way to change that will be sustainable. 

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Imagine in six months that you have experienced...

 Sustainable vibrant relationships

 New-found intimacy with the Lord

 Clarity in your work-life schedule

 And growth in your business

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This is the place for entrepreneurial women to have a vibrant faith, relationships, and business by connecting with their strengths, finding freedom from emotional struggles, and creating simple, sustainable life-giving rhythms.

I am so excited to introduce...

Wholehearted Rhythms

Sync Your Faith, Career Dreams, and Relationships to Your Chapter in Life

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Let's Thrive with our God-Given Personalities and Relationships Together

It’s time for you to eliminate the emotional spirals, bust through the roadblocks, and experience abundant life.

 Wholehearted Rhythms Client Testimonies

 Wholehearted Rhythms Testimonies

I created this program with a women like you!

You are a woman who loves Jesus, but keeps getting caught in emotional spirals. These sessions and prayer will bring freedom!

You struggle to make strong relational connections or you don't maintain them the way you desire. Our weeks together will make a difference!

If you are already investing hours of worry, fear, and emotional turmoil - let's trade it out for a simple and actionable plan.

Here's What You Will Get In Wholehearted Rhythms:

A Customized Coaching Plan

Once you join the program, one of the first things you will do is complete an intake form. I will use that information to create a tailor-made, customized coaching plan that will include your next steps, for us to follow and for you to implement. This will be a unique plan to get you from surviving to thriving!

My customized worksheets will lay out the steps you will need to take and where you will need to focus your time and energy.

Each session will have customized worksheets and journal prompts to help you take action on your new knowledge.

Your Custom Plan Includes:
- 12 one-hour private coaching sessions.
- 12 guide sheets with action steps & journal prompts for your specific Personality Type.
- PLUS a private email chat with Amy to process your ideas between your Zoom coaching sessions.

Twelve Teaching Sessions

You will have reflection exercises and a worksheet for  each session.

These will be powerful, but manageable. You don't need to watch hours of training. When you better understand what guidance you need, you get in and out and get on with your wholehearted life!

Over our weeks together we will cover various topics as it relates to the Enneagram with a faith-based approach such as:
- Communication Mindsets
- Emotional Roadblocks
- Finances and Intimacy
- Friendship Connection

An Understanding Of Your Personality

Knowing how you view the world and relationships is key to getting you free from shame, anxiety, and your struggle for control.

All of this will include specific key takeaways for your stage of life. Your wholehearted rhythms (and struggles) will look different if you are a mom of *littles* than a single woman who has freedom to travel!

- Partnership with God and prayer.
- Good advice and Enneagram insights can only take you so far - the power of prayer and Scripture will bring freedom.
- And coming soon: Community support with other like-minded women seeking a wholehearted life and additional coaching support by certified and training coaches.

Wholehearted Rhythms: Sync your Personality, Passions, and Relationships to your Chapter in Life

Six monthly payments at $350 a month*

☆ Don't wait! There are only 15 2 spots left! ☆

  • (12) 1 Hour Private Coaching Sessions with Amy Wicks ($2500 value)
  • (12) Guidesheets with Action Steps & Journal Prompts for your specific Type ($500 value)
  • PLUS! a private Voxer chat with Amy to discuss your ideas between sessions. ($600 value)

And as a special bonus: If you purchase before within seven days of our initial discovery call, you'll be gifted the 2022 Wholehearted Summit All-Access package. 


Hey there, I'm Amy!

I'm a recovered worn-out-frazzled-striving mom of three who is living her best life now, coaching other entrepreneurial moms to live vibrant, wholehearted lives as well! Before I learned to understand my unique mothering style or what I needed for a healthy soul-care routine...

  • Comparison stole my joy +
  • Anxiety held me captive, blocking me from fruitful practices.

I know I am not alone in these struggles. But for so long, I felt alone. 

It didn't take me long to discover that the insights of the Enneagram, combined with the transformational truth of the Gospel, give a clear and unique path to living a wholehearted life. Now, I want to spend my days coaching other women through the process of not only learning the depth and complexities of their Enneagram Type but also teaching them how to effectively use the Enneagram as a transformational tool for their spiritual life, as a mom, and help them build a business they love!


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Are you ready to create your custom sustainable rhythm with a unique blend of spiritual direction, Enneagram teaching, and business life coaching?

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