Find balance in your daily relationships, spiritual life and career with the Enneagram...

You can thrive in both your work AND in your connections with your family - let me show you how!

Learn how the Enneagram can enhance your faith, family, and leadership from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, with The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit


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Your Enneagram Coach offers courses, coaching and community to help you discover your best self using the tool of the Enneagram through the lens of the Gospel.

5 Days Of Speakers Showing You How To Apply The Enneagram To Motherhood, Faith, and Your Work Life. 


Hey, friend!

Do you feel like you are always struggling to find the balance between work and home life?

Do you desire to have authentic faith, but you don't know how to get there?

Are you constantly juggling your priorities and you don't know where to start?

How would you feel if you could find true community and connection?

You aren't alone! 

Meet Some of the Most Influential Enneagram and Faith Experts and Our Speakers


These incredible speakers will give you permission to be right where you are and the tools you need to thrive wholeheartedly in your personal calling.

PLUS, access their amazing resources! No need to wait for the Summit to start, click each image to snag all or some of the best speaker resources! 

Beth McCord

Enneagram 9, Enneagram Speaker, Coach, Teacher, & Bestselling Author


Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

Enneagram 2, Writer, Public Speaker, Community Psychologist, & Certified Enneagram Coach


Elisabeth Bennett

Enneagram 4, Author, & Certified Enneagram Coach


Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram 2, Internationally recognized Enneagram Master, Teacher, Speaker


Jessica Betz

Enneagram 6, Campus Missionary, & Enneagram Content Creator


Chin Ai Oh

Enneagram 3 & Creative Life Coach


Dayo Ajanaku

Enneagram 1, Digital Creator, & Educator


Tyler Zach

Enneagram 3, Pastor, Author, & Enneagram Coach


Sarah Waxman

Enneagram 4, Coach, Author, & Speaker


Evan Doyle

Enneagram 5, Enneagram Gifts


Jackie Brewster

Enneagram 7, Enneagram Coach, Certified Experiential Specialist, & Author


Kim Eddy

Enneagram 1, Coach, & Author

Hillary McCaskey

Enneagram 9, Certified Enneagram Coach, Certified Life Coach, & YouTuber


Keanu Trujillo

Enneagram 8, Podcaster, Speaker & Entrepreneur


Lissy Clarke

Enneagram 9, Podcaster, Spiritual Director, Retreat Facilitator, & Yoga Teacher


Jen P. Higgins

Enneagram 7, Author, Business Strategist, Leadership Coach, Certified Enneagram Expert, & Educator


Christa Hardin

Enneagram 7, Podcaster, Relationship Coach, & Author


Brian Lee

Enneagram 1 & Coach


Adam Breckenridge

Enneagram 6, Certified Enneagram Coach, Director of Coaching at Your Enneagram Coach


Lindsey Lewis

Enneagram 1, Podcaster, Director of Relational Formation at Love Thy Neighborhood


Anthony & Crystal Obey

Enneagram 1 & 8, Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing consultant


Jesse Eubanks

Enneagram 4, Podcaster, Coach, & Founder + Executive Director of Love Thy Neighborhood


Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Enneagram 8, Pastor, Activist + Author


Judith Lewis

Enneagram 5 + Coach



Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Amy Wicks, I'm a wife and a momma and a certified Enneagram Coach. I'm an Enneagram Type 7 - the kind of mom who wants to experience it all and never settle for the mundane! You and I both know that striving to do it all only leaves you overwhelmed and exhausted. I set out on a journey to overcome feeling frazzled and worn out by motherhood and discovered that in order to cease striving, I had to embrace my own unique mothering style while fully depending on the power of the Gospel.

Now, I help other moms just like you overcome anxiety and the overwhelm of mom guilt using the Enneagram to uncover each individual's unique super power. I've learned something very specific through coaching 100s of moms:
Wholeheartedness does NOT look like one specific person.

A person with an awakened heart, a whole heart, a mended heart can be free to live as fully as they desire. The Enneagram gives the language for what we need so we can live wholeheartedly. I am excited to help you uncover your best life walking in wholehearted motherhood!

With the Enneagram, you can be empowered to find balance and transformation in your career and family life!

It is possible to thrive in your career AND in your connections with your family. You can transform the way you handle work, motherhood, and your relationship with God! The Enneagram gives us the framework to build out our transformation process for our own unique and very specific struggles and needs! Many people know their Enneagram Type, but not everyone knows how to use what the Enneagram can expose to help them change and grow. It's time to live wholeheartedly and this summit will help you begin paving the way towards freedom!


Now You're Probably Wondering, OK That Sounds AWESOME, But What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Online Summit

Here's a taste of what you'll discover by joining The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit.

01. How To Have Vibrant Faith

02. How To Thrive In Your Relationships

03. How To Think Like A Business Owner

04. How To Identify Your Personality Strengths

05. How To Get Freedom From Your Emotional Struggles

06. How To Create Simple, Sustainable Life-Giving Rhythms





01. Register

Register for your all-access pass ticket at The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit. By securing your spot, you'll receive a receipt and instruction email to log in, so you don't miss anything (we won't spam you - it's a promise) and have plenty of time to check everything out! 

02. Resources

Snag all the speaker resources your heart desires! The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit is PACKED with bonuses too!

03. Mark Your Calendar

Set aside time over the next few weeks so you can really enjoy The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit. To take this seriously and really see a difference in your life as a mom, business owner and leader, you'll need to schedule the time! 

PLUS you get access to the recordings of the LIVE Zoom call sessions with Amy Wicks and other speakers!

04. Start Thriving Over Surviving

And finally! You're on your way to using the Enneagram as a transformational tool! 

You can experience lasting change in your spiritual life, relationships, and career. 

Hey there, I'm Amy!

I'm a recovered worn-out-frazzled-striving mom of three who is living her best life now coaching other moms to live vibrant, wholehearted lives as well! Before I learned to understand my unique mothering style or what I needed for a healthy soul-care routine...
  • Comparison stole my joy +
  • Anxiety held me captive, blocking me from fruitful parenting practices 
I know I am not alone in these struggles. But for so long, I felt alone in those struggles. I am so thankful that I found the incredible tool that is the Enneagram!
My Enneagram journey began several years ago when I heard my favorite Podcaster (Annie F. Downs) talk about this personality thing that I couldn't figure out exactly how to pronounce. Once I understood it was "Ennea-gram" and not "Annie-a-gram"  I started my deep dive into the world of "types" and personality traits. Finally, a personality profile that didn't put me in a box and wasn't causing me to feel inadequate! I'd found a tool to help me understand the "why" behind what I do! The Enneagram gave me language to articulate what my heart longs to hear. It's not prescriptive, but instead it illuminates how we are uniquely wired by The Creator and gives us the freedom to live in the beauty of our design.
It didn’t take me long to discover that the insights of the Enneagram, combined with the transformational truth of the Gospel, give a clear and unique path to living a wholehearted life. Now, I want to spend my days coaching other moms through the process of not only learning the depth and complexities of their Enneagram Type, but also teaching them how to effectively use the Enneagram as a transformational tool for their spiritual life first, then their life as a mom and finally in all of their other relationships and life endeavors!
I hope you will join me and all of my wonderful friends who will be teaching at The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit so you too can experience the beauty of a life lived wholeheartedly!

Take a peek into one of the sessions from last year's summit!


Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect...

➕ You'll learn how the Enneagram can help you hear the gospel in your language or native tongue 

➕ Find freedom in learning the balance of your career and family life.

➕ Grow in your relationships and create community and connection with the Enneagram.

➕ Plus bonuses to help you experience true joy and fun that the Enneagram can bring!



Want It All? Get The All Access Pass!

The Wholehearted Enneagram All Access Pass

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  • Lifetime access to the summit recordings.
  • The Discover Your Enneagram Type guide
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  • Discount codes
  • Two bonus sessions that cannot be seen anywhere else
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  • The PDF version of the book "Should Christians Use The Enneagram?"
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What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to thrive in your career and connections?

Learn how to use the Enneagram as a transformational tool from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with The Wholehearted Enneagram Summit! 

Join the experts and learn how to enhance your spiritual life and thrive!



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