How Do I Decrease My Stress and Have More Time For What I Love?

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Setting healthy boundaries to decrease your anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm can be really hard! I'm not the first person to tell you what are you waiting for?! 
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In These Trainings We Deep-Dive...

Identifying Your Specific Enneagram Type's Stress Patterns

Knowing exactly how your Enneagram personality responds in stress may be sneakier than you think!  By identifying this together, you will understand what it looks like to thrive and live YOUR best life!

Determining Your Unique Self-Regulation Needs With The RIGHT Soul Care

Soul care doesn't have to break the bank!  At the end of day two, you will be able to identify what your soul is longing for and how you can realistically obtain it.

Owning Your Time Instead Of It Owning You, No Matter Your Enneagram

Stress doesn't have to dominate your life.  In day three, we will create specific goals to help you live a life of freedom that is unique to your personal stage of life!

This Mini-Course Is A Must For You If...

>> You are a mom, leader in your community, and a woman who desires to make a greater impact.


>> You don't want to wonder anymore about what is causing your to struggle with indecision, perfectionism and procrastination.


>> You're ready to see your relationships thrive because you are more mindful, present, and available to the people you love.

Trainings to De-Stress and Have More Time for What You Love


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We not only going to talk about how helpful the Enneagram is, but I also dive into each personality type, talk about growth and stress points, give you a customized worksheets, pray with you, and give a practical step you can put into practice immediately!

I answer key questions like:

  • How can I be mindful and respond to difficult situations rather than react out of stress?
  • How can I move past the guilt I experience and live in true freedom?
  • How do I be authentically who I am while also trying to meet the needs of those closest to me?
  • How do I know what I am feeling let alone put my feelings into words and communicate them?
  • What do I do to rid myself of the overwhelm and anxiety I experience to be present with my family?

Bring your questions and we look forward to answering them! OR if you're still trying to figure out this "Ennea-what?" ... just come to listen! 

Meet Your Host

Hi I’m Amy Wicks! I'm a faith-based Enneagram Coach, speaker, and writer who lives in Kansas City with my tree-climbing arborist-husband and three kids who can be found on the limbs of a tree, themselves. 

When I clearly identified my patterns of stress I had awareness not only of what my behavior looked like, but my core motivations. This knowledge helped me address the patterns of behavior that kept me anxious, angry and feeling out of control.

I'm the host of the weekly Simply Wholehearted Podcast and the author of Should Christians Use the Enneagram (2021).

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