Simply Wholehearted

ENNEAGRAM + Motherhood

Discover the motherhood you were created for..

The daily conversations were repetitive, my mom friends wanted the same outcomes in life as I did.

  • Rich connection with their kids and to pass on their spiritual heritage.

  • A simplified rhythm they could carry out in any season.

  • Treasured family experiences and sibling unity.

  • The confidence their kids would grow into successful adults.

The concepts of intentional parenting are varied, so how could we each feel empowered to live this out in our unique way?


When I discovered the Enneagram, I knew this was the answer.

Suddenly, I had language for why we do what we do. I could articulate what motivates each of us -as well as, the fears and hang-ups which hold us back from wholehearted motherhood.

The Enneagram isn’t merely for funny memes; it’s an individual path to wholeness in Christ, an uncomplicated process, and I’d love for you to join thousands of others to quick start your Enneagram journey.


Who Can Benefit from Wholehearted Motherhood Coaching?


Stay at home moms…

This is the most creative endeavor you will ever embark on. Often the choice to stay at home is one of sacrifice; financially, emotionally and relationally. Discern where you will need the most support and how you can create a life rhythm you truly love.


Working Moms…

You are juggling so much! You constantly toggle between the desire to accomplish the never ending tasks and being fully present with your children. Take some much needed time for personal development and self-reflection so you can live your best life in motherhood and career.

Homeschool moms…

Do you constantly wrestle with your decision to homeschool? Whether you are a veteran homeschooling mom or you are just considering teaching the children in your home, knowing why you do what you do will shape the each year with your kids. Through life-giving conversation understand the path to growth for every relationship in your home and which nurishing soul care is best for your type.


Single moms…

You my hero! Get much needed support and encouragement as you take on two needed roles for your kids development. Have the language to express the desire you have for your family culture and a clear path of growth for your wholehearted motherhood. I will hold your hand through the five personalized development sessions and be a listening ear as you navigate your relationships in wholeness.

What’s Your Next Step?



Create more (simple) meaningful minutes this summer..

The Simply Summer Workshop will guide you to create the best plan for your summer. With colorful and fully customizable templates you can quickly design the rhythm your family needs.

  • Determine your best schedule.

  • Learn how to create a challenge and reward system.

  • Prepare a sustainable plan which will provide you the balance of productivity and ease with your kids this year.

Want to get started today on a one week version of the Super Summer Challenge?

{Snag the Simply Summer One Sheet }


Get 50 Boredom Buster Ideas

You can help your kids happily entertain themselves!


Simply Summer One Sheet

Customize a one week version of a Super Summer Challenge

Without a Simply Summer…

no schedule

long days

sibling fighting


constant eating

the house is always a wreck

Mom doesn’t get her work done


When you create a Simply Summer…

A schedule everyone can keep.

Varied plans make the days purposeful and meaningful.

Team-work creates harmony and unity with siblings.

No more “I’m bored!” the second they are done with a device.

The whole family participates with food prep and clean-up

Grow and form invaluable lifelong habits like household chores.

Mom keeps her scheduled work hours while kids stay engaged in their challenges.


STEP 1: Determine your best schedule

Stop letting the calendar tell you what to do! Instead discern your best schedule plan how it’ll best work for you. With the SW calendar templates and color-coded system map out three months at a time with a schedule everyone can live with.


STEP 2 Create a challenge and Reward System

Begin to dream of the family culture you’ve always desired and implement the need-to and fun-to do list. Not only will you get to be the fun mom you want to be, but each kid will be motivated work on the skills they need to retain or learn throughout the summer months.


STEP 3: Prepare a Super Summer Plan Your kids will love

Choose Your Simply Summer Style and select the customizable templates to begin your Simply Summer plan. A little thoughtful planning and prep will set you up to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Want to sample the benefits?

Download the Simply Summer One Sheet