How to Live fully present

This takes some practice…

 Create an *ibasket*

My friend and author of the Turquoise Table, Kristin Schell shares ways to love big while gathering small at the ordinary beauty of a picnic table in her front yard. They instituted what she calls an ibasket. When her kids have friends over, they put all their devices in the entryway ibasket to be picked up on the way out. She uses one at her Turquoise Table, as well in her home kitchen counter to encourage the eye to eye contact when they use a few precious minutes to gather and catch up in person.

Put the Charging Stations on the Second Level

I heard Nicole Walters, on a Business Boutique Podcast, say that all of her family puts theirs in a recharging box on the second level when they get home. She practices this herself, during her non-business hours to help her to be more present with her family. She jokes how putting the stairs as an obstacle can help you reach your health goals, or it will indeed keep you away from your phone for just a little longer.

Schedule Device-free Blocks of Time

If you already have a set schedule and you are great at following through, add the times you’ll be using your phone and the blocks of time you can put it up and away. Try it for at least 15-minute increments. Treat your home as sacred ground, segmenting your usage and limit constant checking to specific times of your day, preferably while the kids are being entertained or occupied elsewhere.

In our free Meaningful Time online workshop I can help you figure out what is a sustainable schedule for your family by looking at just a few month block of time. Then you can create a weekly and daily rhythm. Each of us have a unique set of circumstance which is why it’s completely customizable. Plus it’s free!

Turn off the Notifications

Before you tell me the essential things you might miss if you do this, let me make this point. You are most likely going to be over-checking all your social media connections and text messages and let’s face it. We hardly hear our phones ring anymore because only the dentist and the doctor actually call us for appointment reminders. Ok, some of you may have family or friends that do faithfully call you. But, today, maybe turn off your social media notifications. There is something about the urgency of the tones which grab our attention, especially when we aren’t doing our favorite things and allow us to get swept up in the unimportant. I started turning my phone on a night almost all the time, it’s changing my life for the better.

*Bonus* Post a Media Agreement

It can be simple as 1,2,3…doing three productive actions before they (or you) get to have some media (of your choice) time. Often, it’s much easier to let them slowly wake and going first to a TV show, game device, or social media app. We all know how much better we feel when we do extraordinary things or first things first. Chose what those essential things are and make it clear they have to be accomplished before they get their allotted media time.